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6 Tips to improve your chance of finding a Job



Many times we tend to fool ourselves in believing that our current job situation has to do entirely on the present economic conditions and has absolutely nothing at all to do with us as a person.  The trust is that is not quite true.

While to some extent the present economic crisis has reduce our job options and as a result there are less opportunities, we need to realize there are STILL job opportunities. Everyday, if you check the local newspaper or online job sites, they are still jobs being offered.


So what exactly is the problem,why are you not getting the job?

(1)      Many times that people end up not getting a job is that they are not qualified for the job. Many job ads for example will not correspond to your experience and your training. Training and experience is very important in getting a job and sometimes it will take only a simple training to get you qualify for that job you want.

(2)       Now you will say I have the experience and the training, why am I not getting the job. It could be a case that you are not selling yourself. As there are less and less jobs, and there are more and more candidates, everything is more competitive. You need to find out what will make me stand out against the other candidates. What can I offer that they can’t. Once you have determine this you are well on your way to getting that first interview.

(3)  The first interview however, is only possible if you have put together a very impressive resume and cover letter. Remember to write your resume and cover letter based on the job. What this mean that you will need to create a new resume and cover letter for every job you apply and ensure that is it job specific. This is important because Human resource managers see every day the same generic cover letters and resumes, it is their job. They know when you have not taken time to put together you application. As a result, they will not waste their time on you.

(4)    Never apply for a job that you are not qualify for by training or experience, unless you are able to prove and convince the potential employer that you will be the right person for the job. While it is not impossible to get a job without training and experience, it is harder than before. be ready to support your argument if you are given an opportunity.

(5)     we have heard that it is necessary to read up about the company before the interview, so you can show how much you know about the company. This is good, but you should take it one step further: Explain how you fit into the company based on what you have read. How does knowing about the company makes you want to become a part of the organisation?

(6)  Never apply to work for a company you have no trust or no interest in. while it is important to have a job, it is also essential to do a job that you are comfortable with, no matter the level.

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