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Extremely Effective Tip to get Softer, Stronger, Longer Hair at home



Taking care of hair is literally a full-time job. And it is not always easy to find the products that are right for you.This is true whether you have natural or processed hair. You natural hair can be damaged in the same way that processed hair can and it needs as much care as well.Personally I have at one time or another chosen to go natural, as well as process my hair and neither are without it’s fair share of challenges.

When sporting a processed hair-do, there was a time when I would go to the hair salon every two weeks, and followed all the instructions that my hairdresser was giving,  yet I was still losing chucks of hair and experiencing continuous hair breakage. I tried many different products and nothing seem to work.

It was so bad that my hairdresser at the time recommended given my hair a “chop”! I then decided to go nature, but with natural hair you will need to spend twice as long in trying to get your hair soft and untangled. In addition, it is possible to experience breakage while sporting a natural hair-do as well.  Again without knowing what is best for your hair you will always have some challenges.


The Big Revelation

It seem that if we are not put in a position where we know we need to find a solution, that it is essential that we do, then we will not and as a result be suck in the same crazy cycle. Moving away from Jamaica, and finding out that a decent trip to the hairdresser would cost me on average US$100.00, I found that this was something that I unwilling to do, especially since the quality of service was nothing like I was getting in Jamaica.

I then started to experiment and stumbled unto something so amazing that I was surprised I had not discovered it before. What I have discovered has resulted in me losing a lot less hair, my hair is a lot softer and manageable. In addition my hair has grown longer than it has ever before. I kid you not. This is not a magic formula.

What I realised is that is not only WHAT you put in your hair but HOW you put it in that makes the differences. This is true for both natural and processed hair. Below I will share with you not only what I discover but how I employ it in my hair care regime.


Two Tips To Keep In Mind If You are Processing Your Hair Yourself:

If you are processing you hair yourself, here are a few tips to move you along. These are just some basic tips that I found useful, especially if you are new at it. If you have been processing your hair for a while and you have a system that works for you, continue to use it.

Processing or as we like to say “creaming” your own hair is not so difficult once you get the hang of it. Just keep in mind the following steps and you will be fine. When creaming your hair make sure you have gloves and a small teeth comb. Do not use the gloves that come in the kit cream, they are not comfortable or practical. Get the disposal latex gloves, that are very thin and feels like a second skin.

Follow the instruction on the box. DO NOT apply to the hair that is already creamed. It does not matter if it does not look OK. After the new growth is cream everything will look great. Wash it out and avoid your eyes. Keep the gloves on while you wash it out. When washing your hair, make sure your hair is behind you. Stand in the shower, with all your hair back. Wash everything back. If you do not wash everything in the same direction, your hair will get knotted and after it will be really hard to untangle.


Tips on When you are Treating Your Hair, Whether is Natural Hair or  Processed Hair:

13044049_201307051200The following treatment guide is both for the treatment of natural hair and processed hair.You will need the following products. Hair Mayonnaise,Jherri reding, apple cider vinegar, and Olive Oil replenishing conditioner.

You can find them in any typical beauty supply shops. The apple cider vinegar, maybe not. You might have to go to a health food store as it will need to be the unprocessed apple cider vinegar, with “Mother” ( that brown thing that you see floating around  or settling at the bottom of the bottle). If the apple cider vinegar is process and clear it will not be useful and definitely not very effective.

jheri-redding-professional-natural-protein-conditioner-416x416Jherri reding is natural and contain apple cider vinegar. As a result, you can chose to use only the jherri reding if you do not have extremely damaged hair.

However, if you have extensively damaged hair then I would recommend mixng the jherri reding with equal parts of the apple cider vinegar for quicker result. 






ACV(1)Mix the jherri reding , hair mayonnaise and the replenishing conditioner together. Put it in your hair after you have washed out all the cream with the neutralizing shampoo, if you are processing your hair.if you have natural hair then add this after your shampoo.

Leave it in for 1 1/2 to 2 hours under a steam cap.Longer if you like. This will help to put moisture and softness back into your hair.You do not need to go under a dryer.

Now this is the tricky part. Wash it out but leave some moisture in ( you hair will feel soft). Squeeze out the extra water out of your hair. comb your hair out. cut your hair ends as needed.

Organic_Root_Salon_Olive_Oil_REPLENISHING_CONDITIONER_23oz_bottle-1While your hair is still damp put in the hair lotion of your chose. DO NOT wait until after your hair is dry to put it in. This is the second part of your moisture infusion. Then blow dry or air dry your hair. If you are blow drying remember to use some form of hair heat protection. Again do not leave it too dry.

Then add a little more hair lotion and then start to style.

Treat your hair every two weeks.



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