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Looking for a Masters? “M.Sc. Urban Engineering and Habitat” for under US$350 per year



university lille

This Masters is ideal for someone who did their studies in the Built environment or just environment in generally.


The “M.Sc Urban and Engineering and Habitat” is offered by the Université Lille 1 Sciences et Technologies,in  France. This university ranks worldwide higher than the University of Technology and the University of the West Indies, Mona.

The length of the programme is one year. This master provides a wide multidisciplinary overview of urban infrastructure systems and habitat and their interactions and interdependencies.

At the end of this program, graduate students will acquire scientific, technical and management skills that will allow them to deal with challenges related to the design, construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of urban structures and systems.

Graduates will have the required competence that will enable them to work in engineering and construction companies, town planning and technical departments as well as in research and higher education institutes.



 The cost for year is € 254 which is an equivalent of US$340.00 or JA$35,000.00. Now that is a deal.


This master is open to engineers and BS holders. Applicants must show evidence of scientific ability as well as a great interest in dealing with complex interdependencies systems.

English Proficiency: A sufficient level of English is required.

French Proficiency: Non French-speaking candidates should have a basic knowledge of French language beforehand.

For further information check out the  brochure below:

University of Lille 1 degree programmes in english



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