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Single and Looking in Jamaica? Why Online Dating Shouldn’t be Ruled Out



One of the most common questions about online dating is:

Does Online Dating really work?

If someone had asked me 10 years ago what I thought of online dating, I would have said it was for cheating boyfriends and men with strange fetish. Yes I guess I was a little harsh. However, at that time that was basically what it was for.

My attitude remained the same up to a few years ago when I asked a friend of mine from Brazil, how she met her French husband and her response left me speechless. She said “an online dating site”. For me this couple looked as normal as can be and have been married for 5 years. He is an IT engineer and she was a nanny. Another couple I met said the same thing and they have recently bought an apartment together. And these types of stories go on and on.

In Europe it is not all that unusually to find love online … and it works. With many busy and lonely people in the city, it is now the norm rather than the exception. These people have very good jobs and include lawyers and engineers. And they are not only looking in their own country.

 About 6 months ago on a French TV channel, they did a short documentary on a village in a French African country where there is now almost no women. The few women that remain spend their time at a local internet cafe checking out dating websites and hoping they will be the next to leave their small village for a better life in Europe. The local men are up in arms protesting as the women slowly leave the village.

Online dating success in Jamaica



In Jamaica, for many there is still a stigma associated with online dating, but this does not stop many people, both men and women from finding love online. Now the question: Does Online dating really work for Jamaicans? The answer is yes. I know of many men and women who discreetly use online dating, having a long distance relationship where they usually receive money and gifts and those that get to travel foreign countries such as the USA to visit their new online love. I also know of people who have migrated based on meeting someone through online dating. Is it love or opportunity, I cannot say.

Between Jamaicans themselves, I am still waiting for a success story. Maybe there is. If you know of any please go right ahead and share with us. We would be happy to hear. But I have heard of many ‘hook ups”. For example a woman from Montego Bay with a man from Kingston after meeting online. Don’t let this discourage you. There are many people in Jamaica that are looking for the right Jamaican man/woman to have a future with. Just make sure you clearly indicate what you are looking for.

American men and women seem to be very fascinated by Jamaicans and tend to give their favours very freely. In addition, for a Jamaican woman with children (yes plural), American and European men tend to be more accepting of their children than Jamaican men. How many Jamaican men would take up a Jamaican woman with four children? Not many. If you are a plain-looking Jamaican man, you will still get a lot of love from American and European women. It does not matter if you are very dark or light skinned, just make sure you have a very nice personality.

Be aware!

zlovescamNow I am not saying there is no risk associated with online dating. Like in any type of relationship you need to be careful and maybe a little bit more than usually since it is online. 

There are still the cheating boyfriends and married men that want to take advantage of single women who are looking for love and gold digging females who are just looking for someone to pay the bills. There are still people out there that are just looking for a one night stand or a “hook-up”.

It is still very common for people who are single to meet someone at a bar or through a friend. But this does not guarantee a successful match. Online dating is no different from this type of meeting. At least with online dating you can start off by choosing the characteristics you are looking for and you have a wider pool to choose from.

Some tips to follow? Be on your guard and follow your instinct. Use only recognized legitimate online dating sites such as www.match.com and www.eharmony.com. If you are looking for french love, one of the most popular online dating site in France is www.meetic.com These sites are recognized for their success, plus on many of these sites it is free to create a profile. Do a background cheek on the person by typing their name on Google. You would be surprised how big some people’s social media footprint is and how much you can learn about them. Take you time and remember there no commitment in just getting to know someone.

Now go out and find your soul-mate!

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