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This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to a new Lifestyle magazine!  We are looking for aspiring writers and graphic artists/cartoonists to contribute to the online magazine. It does not matter whether you are an established author or a first-timer; the most important thing is that you have something to share that you are passionate about and you want to share that passion with other people.

www.lushandsassy.com is your typical lifestyle magazine, targeting professional and influential web-surfers across the Jamaica and also the Caribbean. Our content and promotion, communicate the appeal of lifestyle with an authoritative voice and sophisticated design. Content highlights the best in technology, fashion and jewelry, fitness, health and beauty, travel and leisure, food, sports and entertainment, and arts and culture. It also includes provocative profiles of new influencers: designers, illustrators, photographers and entrepreneurs making their mark.  LushandSassy.com is updated and with can’t miss information about business, tips, how-tos, inspiration, interviews, and special features . Ideas to get you started:

  • Music (Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, etc)
  • Fashion – (local fashion names and brands)
  • Sports (Special events, leading teams, athletes, extreme sports and exclusive previews)
  • Entertainment (festivals, parties etc)
  • Culture (Insider’s look into the identities and phenomena driving our culture)
  • Business (Investment, advice, independent labels, entrepreneur)
  • Technology and Telecom (Web, mobile, gadgets and exclusive products)
  • International Jamaica (ns) leaving their mark on the around the world.)
  • Reviews (Music, video games, books, Unsigned Hype, DVDs and live shows)
  • Art (photographers, visual artists, innovative design and cartoons)
  • Health (Tips on healthy eating and healthy living)


Why write for us:

Give credit where credit is due”: Our website provides a platform for you to showcase your writing skills and/or your work. As a guest writer you will be apart of a team. When you write an article, you will be asked to provide a bio line (more like a bio box!)with an image.  This will ensure readers know about you and what you do, check out your website, or follow you on Twitter. This is also a way to promote you and your business. You will be sent a link to you article once it is live on the website that you can share with friends and family and even use as a reference for future clients or employers. In other words:

Helps Build Your Brand: Your name is the foundation of your brand. When people search for your name online you want then to see you through your work.  If you are pretty good, this might get you a PAID position.

To Gain Credibility: What is an effective way to let people know about what you do, your skills? What is the best way to start making a lot of sales when you have a new product you want to sell? Or what is the best way to get a lot of big players to jump on board when you have a great idea? The truth is your presents on the web counts and the big players will only notice you when they know they can count on you. There is no better way for people to know they can trust you than for them to repeatedly see your work on some respectful online magazine which is built on lifestyle and cultural development. Guest writing helps build your credibility and makes it easy for people to trust you and whatever you have to offer.