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Writing Tips for contributors


(1) Take advantage of a spell checker by first drafting your articles in Microsoft Word.

Be sure to read through your finished blog post prior to submitting for publishing.  Add a bit of personal flair to your article. It is ok to mix both professional and personal when writing for an online magazine. To break up large blocks of text, consider including a graphic or image and outside links in your article. If you have an image you would like posted with your message, send it. If you have a specific idea for imagery, let us know when you submit your article (otherwise, we will choose an image for you).


(2) Write as yourself.

Online magazine articles generally have a more casual writing style than press releases and technical articles. While an online magazine article is generally more relaxed, a moderate level of English/ writing style is needed to keep the readers’ attention. We will be here to provide support, so feel free to run any ideas, questions or concerns by us.  You will get content, style, and organizational feedback from the editor throughout the process, and we are also in the process of setting up a closed facebook writers group to support the project, so you will also benefit from the help of others who may have some experience in the topic you’re writing on.


(3) Provide links.

Where possible always link to a source. Tell your readers where the link goes. This helps your readers and will create links back to you. You can link to third party content that discusses your products for example.


(4) Add subtitles.

Every 2-3 paragraphs add a subtitle in bold. Similar to the title of the article, make it SEO friendly with the keywords that express the summary of the next couple of paragraphs.


(5) Get your facts straight.

Contact your colleagues and people who know a lot on the topic you want to write about – particularly if you want to borrow from them. Peer review is a good way to ensure you provide your readers with accurate insights, especially when you are writing outside your area of expertise.

(6) Add pictures, videos and code examples.

Readers like to be entertained as well as learn something. Submit up to 5 pictures (JPG or PNG file format). Provide link to Youtube video. Provide example code if within your copyright and relevant.

Always leave a call to action or even ask a question in your article, this way it will encourage reader feedback.