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Young Entrepreneur Spotlight: “Just Jeon” – from Jamaica to St. Vincent



(Image: clutch bag by “Just Jeon”)


Meet Jeon Adams

Jeon Adams is a 27-year-old former student of the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica, who is currently living in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. She is the creative genius behind the brand “Just Jeon”.

Jeon always had a love for creating new outfits out of pieces she already had, and accessorizing these ensembles were a major part of the process. Creating eye-catching pieces from common and often overlooked materials has been a trade mark for her brand Just Jeon.



“Just Jeon” in a nutshell



Just Jeon was created with the aim ofTaking Ordinary Items and Creating Art!”. It offers clutches, handbags, hair accessories, earrings, bracelets, Just Jeon t-shirts, and collar necklaces and Jeon, for the most part, is the only person involved in the production process. This meant that strict deadlines had to be set and time had to be managed well so her creations could be made while still working as a librarian in St. Vincent.


How it all got Started

Trends are easy to follow, but they are not so easy to start. Did 27 years old, Jeon Adams know that she would have started a trend when she recreated a necklace into a headband?

Just Jeon had its humble beginnings in a dorm room at the University of the West Indies, Mona. After wearing her recreated headband to class at the University of the West Indies one day, Jeon received an overwhelming number of requests from friends, who all wanted a similar headband of their own.

Being an entrepreneur was not always at the forefront of her mind but being an industrious and ingenious individual, Jeon acted upon her faith and took a leap into the world of an entrepreneur!


The Challenges of a Young Entrepreneur

Having never owned or operated a business before Jeon had her challenges ahead of her and faced her own unique set of obstacles.With absolutely no experience in marketing or sales, Jeon had to rely upon her leadership skills, warm personality and ability to interact well with persons from all walks of life, to get her business out there. Her eye-catching pieces also generated their own questions of where they could be had and started a strong referral system that built the business.

For many new entrepreneur money to finance one’s idea is major obstacle and for Jeon, it was no different.  Funding for starting the business came from personal funds and required strict yet simple budgeting which included eliminating unnecessary items, making use of campus services like the shuttle bus and cooking meals instead of eating out.

jj3Even though Jeon started with no business plan, she was able to track the finances of the business and made a profit after 11 months of being in operation. She has also met her first goal of still being in business after a year of starting. Gaining skills in photography, marketing and product development were skills mentioned that would have helped to give her business a better start. Jeon now looks forward to further financial stability for the business, maintaining a high standard, product development and brand development while pursuing graduate studies.

From its humble beginnings in a dorm room at the University of the West Indies, Mona Just Jeon has now found base in St. Vincent and the Grenadines with pieces being displayed at eloquent boutiques.

(Image: Model sporting a “Just Jeon” clutch bag)

Owning a new business has taken over all of Jeon’s idle time and has her engaged in the creative process of making new pieces, attending fashion event at which Just Jeon pieces is displayed and giving motivational talks and speeches at various events. Noting that the benefits of entrepreneurism far outweigh the downfalls she is glad to be in business for herself and has no regrets.


Personal Struggles

Her greatest challenge to date would have to be losing her father to cancer in early 2013. He, also being creative, made wooden and aluminium crafts that were sold throughout their island home of St. Vincent. After taking some time off from the business Jeon decided to continue creating pieces in memory of her father.


Her Motivation and Inspiration

Jeon has had a strong support system since the inception of her business. Along with family and friends, she receives support from local organizations that specializes in business development, support from clients and well wishers locally, regionally and internationally. Even with this support she has had to keep herself motivated and inspired which are among the greatest challenges in a business of creativity. When asked how she motivates herself, she gave this answer,

I motivate myself by reading the word of God, remembering my dad telling me how proud he was of me before he passed way earlier during the year and wanting to be the best at what I do.” JEON ADAMS

Her inspiration for her pieces come from nature, art, current fashions and God. She can sometimes be her hardest critic admitting that she puts pressure on herself to produce pieces of a high standard.


Jeon’s advice to other entrepreneurs

To other entrepreneurs just starting out, Jeon gives this bit of advice

‘Attitude and skills are the most critical. You have to have the right attitude towards clients and their needs. Your attitude can reduce pride and cause you to gain proper knowledge to be your best while skills are needed to get you through the door. Don’t be afraid to ask for or accept help. Study the market and create a product or service that is unique and always be humble and give back.’JEON ADAMS

Like what you see or want to see more of Jean creations? Just Jeon can be contacted through their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Just-Jeon/192553064182695?fref=ts

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