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Young Entrepreneur Spotlight: Marlon McLeod – The Aspiring Photographer


  Meet Marlon McLeod

Marlon McLeodMarlon McLeod is a young Jamaican entrepreneur, currently making his mark as a part-time professional photographer. He is currently learning Cinematography, while slowly accumulating his equipment. He does not have a degree in photography but plans to start a program in the near future.

He shoots various types of photos but specializes in the portrait style. There is a unique ‘edge’ to his photos and he is always seeking to develop his style. Every photo is captured with the purpose of telling a story and Marlon strongly believes that photography is about experimenting and learning.


Marlon McLeod Photography in a Nutshell

Marlon McLeod Photography has set it’s objective at

“capturing the unforgettable moments you so desire to cherish for a lifetime”.

As a result any moment that you consider to be unforgettable then Marlon McLeod Photography will be there for you. ‘Marlon McLeod photography’ started on a blog website, then moved to his domain www.marlonmcleodphotos.com which became official In March 2011.


How it all got started

Marlon McLeod, a past student of William Knibb Memorial High School was fascinated with graphic design and color from an early age. It was an added bonus that he was also talented in this area and as a result would lend his service to his church and various events by creating fliers.  with his fascination with graphic design and colour, it was not long before he became drawn to photography and he began to familiarize himself with anything surrounding the topic.

maelon pro

The first Point and Shoot camera which he purchased was not of a high standard but according to him” it was very good at taking nice quality photos”. During high school he took several shots of willing couples and posted them on his Facebook page. To his surprise, the feedback was positive and comments testified to the quality and uniqueness of the photos. This was the beginning of his transition into a photographer.

The McLeod’s, being conservative parents did not approve of this choice of profession for their son. However, he respectively accepted their opinion but knew he would continue to pursue his dream of becoming a renowned photographer.

Marlon’s first official job after High School was as a Concierge at Prestigious Hotel and it was while in this position that he had the opportunity to observe some off property photographers working on weddings and corporate events. When it was convenient he would often “strike up” conversation with one of these photographers and get business cards for future references. These stimulating conversations always motivated him.

It was after that exposure that he received a call from Mr. Michael Saab, a well-known photographer whose work he admires. According to McLeod, Mr. Saab offered him a position in his extending photography business after commenting on the great quality of the photo taken by the simple point and shoot camera. This offer was a dream come true but unfortunately, he did not accept it because he was already employed full time and he did not own the correct equipment for the job.

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Where He sees Himself in The Next 5 years

In the next five years he sees himself doing photography chromatography full time on an international scale.  However, the position which he holds at his full time jobs has caused him to communicate more efficiently and he says that communication is important for the growth of a photography business as it result in an extended network.


His Motivation and Inspiration

Marlon McLeod owes his success to God almighty and he expresses that he is grateful for his talent. Damion and Paula Williams who he works alongside at Sun Gold Photography have also been a tower of strength and positive role models in the field of photography.


Contact Him

Like to get in touch with Marlon or just want to see more of his work? Check out his Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/marlonmcleodphotos or his website: www.marlonmcleodphotos.com  . You can also contact him at: 18768534308 or Email: sirmac90@gmail.com



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